Saturday, January 10, 2009

First post and thoughts on the relationship between people and god

Well, this is my first post.

My thought today has been largely focused on how an all loving and moral god commits acts that for all intents and purposes appear immoral and evil? To help explore this I will consider god's decision to kill infants at various times in the bible while shying away from specific examples in scripture. The reason I am using the death of infants is because most people assume that an infant is innocent of any possible sin (except original sin which I will not be addressing in this case) and that to kill an infant is an evil/immoral act.

So here we are, with a god who kills babies. Is it moral or immoral? Good or evil? In this first post I will go over the possible argument that it is a moral act because god knows the hearts, minds, and futures of those babies, and by killing them is saving them from a future of sin. To sum this up in one sentence:

It is okay for god to kill innocent babies who have not yet sinned but would ultimately sin in the future.

The question I ask myself when I think of that situation is "Why did those sinners win the lottery and get killed before they had an opportunity to sin?" While it is easy to fall back on the reality that life is unfair, it doesn't explain why god would decide that the opportunity to exercise free will is vital for us to go to heaven, but was not important for those babies. It hardly seems the act of a just and loving god to gamble with our eternal souls because we weren't lucky enough to be killed by him before we could sin.

Unfortunately this argument doesn't appear to maintain gods morality. While we may have explained the murder of innocent babies by god with this assumption, we are confronted with gods seemingly immoral/evil actions in the decision to capriciously risk our souls when we could be guaranteed eternity in heaven if he would just kill us at birth.

For now I will leave it at that, tomorrow I will consider whether it is moral for god to kill babies as an act of utility/prudence.

Thanks all, I hope you find this interesting! I look forward to your thoughts so post whatever you come up with and I promise to reply to any questions!